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Jim McArdle
I love your Empress Fried Rice dinner! We had a great experience. Service was good and so was the food. We will certainly be back! Schumac
Hi, I have eaten many times at your restaurant by ordering pick up and had a positive experience. Recently I invited a friend to join me to eat there. Our experience was disappointing, and really rather scary. My friend found a piece of shattered glass in her salad, luckily she noticed it...and hopefully she didn't eat any other pieces unknowingly. The server was nice enough, but I don't think the gravity of the situation was fully grasped. No manager came to our table to apologize etc. We ate, paid our bill and left but have been wanting to share my experience in hopes that this doesn't happen to someone else, or end up injuring someone. Food should be discarded if there is ANY chance broken glass could have contaminated it. Invested glass can cause serious health issues. Thank you, Rania
Haven't been there yet because I see no tuna on your menu. I want to try it but I'd like fresh tuna. Thanks.
Loved the house fried rice. We will be back soon for a full meal!